On the Hunt for Good Weed: The Top Signs You’ve Entered a Quality Marijuana Dispensary


How do you tell a good marijuana dispensary from a bad one? Check out this guide to find out!

According to an analysis done by Grand View Research, the cannabis market is forecast to reach $146.4 billion by 2025. For the consumer, this translates to a whole lot of dispensaries, with more popping up all the time. Some good, and some… Not so good. 

Whether your needs are recreational, or medical, if you are planning a visit to a dispensary, you want to make sure that the place is legit. It is estimated that consumers visiting a marijuana dispensary spend an average of between $25 and $50 per dispensary visit. If you are buying good bud with that cash, power to you. 

But if you are being ripped off and tricked into buying low-grade cannabis at high prices – this is not cool. 

We are pretty sure that you wanna be dropping your hard earned cash on the best. Which is why we are going to share with you the top signs that you have entered a quality cannabis dispensary.

So that you can rest assured that you get what you are paying for. 

Scroll on to find out what these are. 

All Products Undergo Lab Testing

Laws for dispensaries vary widely by state, and in many states, it is not required that dispensaries lab test their products. 

If you are buying cannabis products that have not been tested in a laboratory for contaminants or potency – then you will have no way of knowing what you are actually getting. It would be kind of like buying supplements – with no guarantee that they actually contain the labeled micro-gram dosages. 

If you are visiting a dispensary in a state where it is not mandatory for dispensaries to test their products – and they do – then this is an indication of a quality establishment. 

In other states such as our home base of Colorado, because lab testing is mandatory by state law, all you need to do is check whether or not a dispensary is licensed by the state. If so, then all their products will be tested in a lab for potency and contaminants. You can check to see if a dispensary is legally licensed in Colorado by visiting the Colorado administration’s page.

The Premises Are Clean and Pleasant

An obvious sign of a good dispensary is clean and appealing premises. If you feel like you have entered a dingy corner store  – then chances are you are not in the best of dispensaries. 

On the other hand, if you walk into a spot that is clean, classy, and designed to make customers feel welcome and relaxed – then yeah, you are probably in good hands.

There Aren’t People Dabbing in the Waiting Room

On the same note, it is always a good sign if there aren’t any randoms dabbing it up in the waiting room. 

Filling out forms is painful enough, without having a group of people behind you getting more stoned than Cheech, or, Chong. 

On the upside, if this is happening, and happening quickly, you can take it as an indication that the dispensary dishes out some pretty dank product. 

There Are Awesome Add-On’s

If it’s just pot – there may be better dispensaries out there. Cutting edge dispensaries that are pushing the envelope in the industry usually offer all kinds of things besides weed to smoke. 

For example, a dispensary that is consumer-centric will often offer courses on cannabis, literature, growing guides or kits, seeds, edibles, community programs, etc.

The Staff Know Their Stuff

After the bud, one of the most important aspects of a dispensary is the staff. If a dispensary has a well-trained team of staff that really know their offerings, then you will be able to receive expert assistance in making your selection. 

This is important for both medical and recreational use. 

The Place Is Humming

A busy dispensary is likely a good dispensary. Unless it is the middle of the night or a very quiet area, a dispensary that is weirdly quiet is not a good sign. There is a reason why people aren’t pouring in to buy their product.

In contrast, if customers are popping in and out like nobody’s business – then you can bet on good bud, good service, and good deals. 

They Grow On-Site

While some of the dankest weed can come from outdoor grows, if your dispensary is growing on-site, this is also an indication of quality. Cannabis that is harvested, cured and packed at the location of sale has a guaranteed history. You never have to question it came from, how it was handled or what it was exposed to. 

Some select dispensaries will even show you their grow before you make a purchase. Such as us! Check out our grow

No Crappy “Deals”

Dispensaries need to make money just like any other business. However, there is no need to rip people off. Unfortunately, rip-offs are rife and are usually packaged up to look like great deals. 

These deals often take the form of the following.

Imposing Spending Caps

Spending caps are a new feature at some dispensers and can be a pretty crappy deal for customers. Top shelf nugs are advertised at good prices but have spending caps imposed. Meaning that you can only buy, for example, one gram.

This creates the impression that you are getting a good deal, but in reality, it is not one that you can take advantage of. Because really, who buys one gram?

Offering Shake That Is Actually Trim

Shake and trim can often look highly similar to the untrained eye. Dispensaries who are more concerned with the bottom dollar than their customers sometimes package up trim and sell it as shake. 

This qualifies as a complete rip-off. Trim is comprised of leave matter that is collected from the trimming process. Shake on the other hand should be a blend of bottom bag shake along with small sifted pieces of bud.

The way to spot inferior shake that is actually trim is to look closely for crystals. And if you see any leaves, stalks or otherwise suspiciously plant-like matter, then you are probably looking at a bag of trim. 

Improperly Cured Bud

Some dispensaries try to unload their inferior or improperly cured bud onto customers by selling it off at tempting prices. While in some cases you may score a bargain, most of the time – even though the price looks attractive – what you are getting is probably not worth the money. 

Now You Know How to Spot a Top Notch Marijuana Dispensary

With the new laws and surging cannabis market, not every dispensary is a quality outlet that will serve your needs the way they need to be met. 

Now that you know what to look for in a dispensary, shopping for dank buds probably just got a whole lot easier. 

If you are in the Denver area and are in need of top-shelf marijuana, dispensary grade and renowned for its quality, then check out our recreational menu. If you are a patient that needs only the best, then head on over to our medical menu.